California OHV Off Road Riding Areas and Maps

The drop down menu will give you links to all the riding areas we have intimate knowledge of.

There is a lack of real information on California OHV areas. What can you ride, where you can legally ride, what amenities are there, how do you get there, do I need a pass or day use, and on and on.

There are other sites on the internet showing you where they are but not with much detail. My goal in this section is to get rider's out there and getting on the trails that took me a while to find. I'm sure there will be those who don't want their trails known, but I personally feel that the more people who are out there on them, the better chance we have of keeping them open. Too many trails are getting closed and we as common riders need to do everything we can to show that we want these trails to stay open. Thanks!

Divide Peak OHV - Santa Barbara, CA

Gorman (Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area) - Gorman, CA

Los Padres Nation Forest, Mt. Pinos Ranger District (Frazier Park) Frazier Park, CA

Rowher Flats (Texas Canyon)

Drinkwater Flats

Ortega Trail (Cherry Creek) - Ojai, CA

Ballinger Canyon OHV - Ventucopa, CA