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Jeff Pauldine started Motor Psycho Sport in 1998. It is currently the longest running independent motorcycle shop in the Conejo Valley; and for good reason. When it comes to your bike, there is no one who has as much knowledge and skill as Jeff does. His 22 years of experience across a broad range of motorcycles is a rare art these days. Whether it's a brand new KTM or a knockoff Chinese dirt bike, Jeff knows what he's doing. I've been working with Jeff since 2008, and I can tell you in that time, I've seen it all. Time and time again, Jeff comes through and I have yet to see something he couldn't fix. The best part is that his service prices are the best in the area. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who can finish your bike when you need it done and at a reasonable rate. Come see why Motor Psycho Sport is the longest running motorcycle service shop in Thousand Oaks, California. You won't be disappointed. Our Google, Yelp and Facebook reviews speak for themselves. When we aren't working in the shop, you can catch us out on the trails :) Pictured to the right is Jeff Pauldine on Ortega Trail in Ojai, California riding with partner T.R. Catanese. If you haven't experienced Ortega Trail and love something technical with rock gardens, go give it a try!

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You wouldn't believe the amount of custom made tools that Jeff has created over the years. From custom sockets, breaker bars, to screwdrivers, Jeff has assembled everything necessary to fix your bike and to do it as efficiently as possible. Could we paint the walls, epoxy the floor, and buy crazy expensive tool boxes? Sure! But that's not going to do anything for your bike and will only increase the price of our service. The shop is exactly what it needs to be. A motorcycle repair shop. The focus is getting your bike repaired or built as needed, and that's what Jeff does.



I opened Motor Psycho Sport (MPS) with the goal of providing good one on one customer service. I love motorcycles, I love being around people who love motorcycles. I also love that feeling of making someone happy when I can get a product for them that they thought was hard to find or more expensive at another shop.  I know how important it is to have all your questions answered when your making a purchase for your bike or for yourself. Don't hesitate to give me a call at 805-495-5008. This is a land line so please don't text it, you can email me at pauldine@aol.com. I'm usually at the shop till 7pm!

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I partnered with Jeff Pauldine in 2008 to grow Motor Psycho Sport's internet sales. Over the past 14 years, I've seen so many changes in our industry however the goal remains the same, to provide the best service and sales to our customers. Customers tell me all the time they are so glad they can reach me on the phone or text me about an order. 805-907-8811. What shop gives you their personal cell number? We do. In a world dominated by internet interfaces, that human touch is now somewhat of a lost art. Not here at Motor Psycho Sport. Yes we have all the social media accounts and you can follow along and message us there, but know that we're just two ordinary guys who love motorcycles and you can call us anytime. Our passion fuels our business. Thank you for supporting a small American business like ours!

meet the founder