Rowher Flats OHV Kid's Track

Decided I hadn't gotten my son out on his bike in almost a year which seems crazy. Loaded his PW50 and the CRF125F into my truck and was initially going to drive out to our private Maxwell Ranch property, but decided I didn't feel like driving that far. Grabbed an Adventure Day Pass at the Mobil station off the Sand Canyon exit, they didn't have any annuals available, and drove up to Rowher Flats Staging Area 1. Took some shots of the new boots I got him, Alpinestars YouthTech 3s Boots, and headed over to the track. For not being on the bike in almost a year he did great! Mind you he rides the Sapwi Bike Park often so his balance is pretty good. If you're local to Rowher Flats (Texas Canyon) I highly recommend going there for a quick ride with your kids. It's the closest riding area we have to Thousand Oaks - San Fernando Valley area. I'll have a video for Throttle Report out soon with the adult trails and single track in the area.

Thomas "T.R." Catanese

February 27, 2022

Alpinestars Tech 3s Youth Boots

Alpinestars Youth Tech 3s Boots

Alpinestars Youth Tech 3S Boots




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