Shoei Neotec II Helmet - Splicer (Small) (White)

Shoei Neotec II Helmet - Splicer (Small) (White)


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for size Medium solid color).Ventilation Performance - The NEOTEC II's improved ventilation system has been wind-tunnel tested for cool air intake and hot air expulsion. Large upper and lower vent shutters offer greater ease of use with gloves. The ex

  • SHOEI NEOTEC II - Experience the Versatility.When SHOEI first introduced the NEOTEC in 2011, riders worldwide realized not all modular helmets were created equal.
  • With its lightweight, highly-aerodynamic shell, advanced noise reduction, and optimal vision protection, all combined with an ease of use (critical to a modular helmet), SHOEI had indeed achieved new heights in head gear design.
  • But that was just the beginning.
  • Now, with the NEOTEC II, SHOEI has not only improved on already outstanding features, but also introduced design advances to bring their premiere modular design into a whole new era.Aerodynamic Shell Design:Aerodynamic properties are maximized through ext
  • This allows the integrity of the helmet's inner EPS liner to remain intact.Ventilation System:SHOEI's wind tunnels helped to reveal the optimal balance between airflow and silence .Large lower vent shutter for ease of use with riding gloves optimi